Welcome to Dukes your premier bridge consultancy tailored for technology businesses.

Based out of Dubai and SA, we have carved a niche in Africa, specialising in the dynamic sectors of Gaming, Fintech, Crypto, and Banking.

Technical and Compliance Mastery:

We excel in easing your technical hiccups and ensuring you meet all compliance standards. From playbook structuring to engaging regulators, we've got you covered.

Business Blockade Removals:

Face any roadblocks in your operations? Trust Dukes.vc to dismantle them efficiently.

Localisation and International Support:

Expanding or setting foot in Africa? We are your bridge, aiding in key hires, connecting with marketing agencies, and catering to any ground requirements to boost your topline.

Licensing & Regulatory Services:

Our expertise extends to assisting global tech, crypto, and trading companies in securing local licenses. Our deep-seated relationships in the ecosystem empower us to craft and implement strategies overcoming multifaceted challenges, including initiating banking relationships to underpin your business requirements.

Payments, Banking, and Platform Development:

Beyond consultancy, our services extend to setting up banking structures, risk frameworks, and platforms to bolster your growth.

M&A Facilitation:

Looking to expand through strategic partnerships? We identify, prepare, and merge smaller entities with larger ones, offering a unique advantage in fintech industry consolidation.

Our team is a curated mix of finance, legal, technical, and regulatory aficionados, with relationships entrenched deep enough to provide solutions to a vast array of challenges.

Our proud association with giants such as Crypto.com, BitGet, KuCoin, Callpay, Flutterwave, Nedbank, Sharenet, Vault Markets and many others speaks volumes of the trust and efficacy we bring to our partnerships.

Come, experience the Dukes.vc advantage and let us steer your business towards unparalleled growth in the African landscape.

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